My Approach


I aim to promote a probabilistic and trustworthy approach to data science.

Teaching Philosophy

Course structure, responsive teaching, motivation, and self-improvement.


It’s important to me that I promote an inclusive environment both in and outside of the classroom.



Interpreting Regression

An in-progress book on data-driven problem solving from a probabilistic lens. A modern take to statistics. Title may change.

STAT 545 @ UBC

An open-access course on data wrangling, exploration, and analysis using the modern R landscape with git.

YouTube Channel

Short videos promoting a clean and modern data analysis. Pairs with STAT 545.


Draw powerful multivariate insights using copulas. R package. Coming soon!


Draw powerful insights using distributions. R package.


Tools for accessing the IG and IGL family of copulas. R package.


Build predictive distributions using linear quantile regression. R package.


This is an updated version of the original post from February 22, 2017. This tutorial introduces contour plots, and how to plot them in …

Some best practices for communicate data through visuals. Inspired by Claus Wilke’s “Fundamentals of Data …

JAGS is a language that allows you to run Bayesian analyses. It gets at the posterior by generating samples based on the posterior and …

You all know the drill – you’re asked to make predictions of a continuous variable, so you turn to your favourite …

Generalized Additive Models To fit a GAM in R, we could use: the function gam in the mgcv package, or the function gam in the gam …

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