Career Philosophy

What is an ideal career to me?

Teaching Philosophy

What does being an effective teacher mean to me?


The things I’ve done.


Courses I teach or have taught at UBC.

STAT 545

Data wrangling, exploration, and analysis with R

DSCI 562

Regression II

DSCI 531

Data Visualization I

BAIT 509

Business Applications of Machine Learning

DSCI 551

Descriptive Statistics and Probability for Data Science

DSCI 511

Programming for Data Science

DSCI 591

MDS capstone project

Recent Tutorials

Bits and pieces of resources I’ve made for teaching.

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I was invited to the SFU/UBC Joint Seminar in Spring 2019 where I gave this talk. ## Warning: package 'ggplot2' was built under …

## Here's a little tutorial on how to use the `factanal` function for Factor Analysis. ## Let's make a data frame using actual …

This tutorial introduces contour plots, and how to plot them in ggplot2. What is a contour plot? Suppose you have a map of a …

This tutorial introduces the concept of a mixture distribution. We’ll look at a basic example first, using intuition, and then describe …

Does this happen to you? What about bouncing files back and forth amongst collaborators through email? Or even keeping track of your …

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