A collaboration with The University of British Columbia’s Master of Data Science capstone course to advance methods in RFFA.

Modelling the design flood in the Nicola Valley when multiple mixed-regime watersheds are involved.

Filling in the gaps between manually computed measurements of discharge by using kriging to error-adjust the automated measurements taken by a level logger.

A flood frequency assessment I partook in with BGC Engineering, for a mixed regime river under climate change.

R Packages

Combines copulas with marginal distributions to arrive at joint distributions. Still undergoing major design decisions.

R package to create and evaluate univariate probability distributions.

R package to manipulate univariate probability distributions.

Tools for accessing the IG and IGL family of copulas. R package.

Build predictive distributions using linear quantile regression. R package.

YouTube R Lessons

Brief videos providing high-level overviews of the modern R landscape.

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